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In october of 2001 I became the proud grandmother of a little girl
named Mariell. I have a page dedicated to her


Links to some of my family, friends and relatives, some are into music,

some into win95/98 and some are into sports         Family and friends


I have lots of interests, but the link page is under construction

and not yet ready.                                                            My Interests

One of them is genealogy, and I have compiled as much of my ancestors that I
have been able to find, and you can go to them here
    Anne's ancestors

My father comes from Overhalla in Nord Trøndelag, Norway, but the ancestors comes
from all over the Namdalen area, and also from Selbu in Sør Trøndelag and Follebu
only the last one we don't know anything about yet.

My mother comes from Kirkøy, Hvaler in Østfold, but the ancestors comes from
Kråkerøy, Skjeberg, Halden in Norway, but also from Bohuslën and Skåne in Sweden


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